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Sally Lewis, Tony Lewis and Barry Barnes

Commend, The Problemist, 1995-I


Mate in 2

1...Rxc5         2.c4
1...Rc4,Ra3,Rxf3 2.c3
1...Rb3          2.cxb3
1...Rd3          2.cxd3
1...Rxc2         2.Qxc2

1.Qa1 ()

1...R random     2.Sd2
1...Rxc5         2.Sh4   
1...Rd3          2.Sd2
1...Rxc2         2.Se1
1...Rxf3         2.Bxf3
1...S~           2.Re5
1...cxb5         2.Qb8

A Queen + Pawn battery hands over to a Bishop + Knight battery.

Eric Zepler

3rd Prize, Palitzsch MT, 1932


Mate in 4


1...Se3  2.Rd7 Sd5 3.Qxd5
1...Se1! 2.Rd7 Sd3 3.Qxd3 stalemate.
1.Qd8! ()

1...Se1  2.Rd7 Sd3 3.Rxd3 Kc2 4.Rc3
1...Se3  2.Rd7 Sd5 3.Rxd5.

The classic example of a Loyd-Turton, where the clearing piece is stronger than the piece which then moves on to the line.

György Bakcsi

2nd HM., Przepiorka MT, 1982


Mate in 8

1.S6f7 (>2.Sg5) Rxf4 2.d4 Rxd4 3.f4 Rxf4 4.d4 Rxd4 5.f4 Rxf4 6.Rb3 Rb2 7.Rxh2 (>8.Rh6) Rxh2 8.Rb6

A humorous problem which needs no explanation. The choice of key knight is determined by the threat at move 7.


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Herbert Ahues

1st Prize, Deutsche Schachzeitung, 1979-80


Mate in 2

1.Sb3? (>2.Sd4)

1...b5   2.Qf6
1...cxb3 2.Qd3
1...Be5  2.Rxe5

1.Se6? (>2.Sd4)

1...b5   2.Sg7
1...fxe6 2.Rf8

1.Sc6! (>2.Sd4)

1...b5   2.Se7
1...bxc6 2.Qc8
1...Be5  2.Rxe5

In each phase the line-opening after 1...b5 is exploited, twice by allowing a white line closure, while a defence by a second pawn opens another line. Splendid unity and excellent white economy.

John Rice

6th Prize, Winter Ty, 2013-14 Springaren, 2014


Mate in 2

1.Qh1     (>2.Rxa2)

1...Sxh1    2.Sxh8
1...Sxa1    2.Sxa8
1...Sd3,Sd1 2.Qd1
1...Sxa5    2.Qc1

The tourney required a knight move to a corner square. An amusing problem.

György Bakcsi

1st Prize, BTSB, 1971


Mate in 2
(b) Black king c5

1.Rfxf7 (>2.Rfc7)

1...e5    2.Sxd6
1...d5    2.Qxe6

1.Rfxf7 (>2.Rfc7)

1...e5    2.Qxe6
1...d5    2.Sxd6
1...Bd5   2.b4
1...Sxc3  2.Bf2

An original example of mates on the same squares by different pieces.

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