Two of the British Chess Problem Society’s leading officers are retiring. The Society is greatly indebted to David Friedgood and Brian Stephenson for the many years of invaluable service they have given to the Society. David’s role has been rather misleadingly defined as ‘Assistant Treasurer’, but has in fact encompassed a great deal more. Our Vice-President, Tim Sheldon, will be taking over the purely financial aspects of that role, but that leaves two other fields for which David has been responsible for which we should now be most grateful to receive offers of help – that of Membership Secretary, dealing with membership enquiries, new members joining, changes of address, etc., and Production Manager, liaising with our printers and being responsible for the sending out of copies (both paper and electronic) of the magazine.

There is scope for some flexibility in this subdivision of roles. If you feel you might be happy to assist in any of the fields referred to above please do let me know. I’m sure too that David (assistant.treasurer@theproblemist.org) would be able to supply more information on the work he does.

Among many other unheralded tasks Brian has performed the vital one of being our Webmaster. We now need to appoint a new webmaster before November. Again, if you feel that you could help in connection with this vital aspect of our work please let me know; and for more information about it please don’t hesitate to contact Brian (bstephen@gmx.co.uk).

Christopher Jones (cjajones1@yahoo.co.uk)
Hon. Secretary

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