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President Christopher Jones
Vice-President Ian Watson
Secretary Christopher Jones
Treasurer Geoff Hicks
Lectures Secretary Christopher Jones
Magazine Curator Brian Stephenson
Solving Co-ordinator Nigel Dennis
Acting General Editor of The Problemist Christopher Jones
Assistant Treasurer David Friedgood
#2 Sub-Editor John Rice
#3/#n Sub-Editor Jim Grevatt
Studies Sub-Editor Yochanan Afek
Selfmates/Reflexmates Sub-Editor Stephen Taylor
Helpmates Sub-Editor Christopher Jones
Fairies Sub-Editor K. Seetharaman
Retros Sub-Editor Richard Dunn
Synthetics Sub-Editor Zoran Gavrilovski
Problemist Supplement Editor Geoff Foster
Problemist Supplement Originals Editor John Rice
Website Editor Michael McDowell
Webmaster Brian Stephenson
ISC Controller Phill Beckett

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