Solving – Introduction

Solving chess problems can be an enjoyable and rewarding hobby. All you need to know are the rules of chess and a few chess problem conventions. The latter are explained in the For Beginners section of this website.

If, before you start, you feel you need a little tuition, then read some sage words of advice from Ian Watson (2016-2017 British Chess Solving Champion) by selecting How to Solve Chess Problems from the menu on the left. For specific help on ‘Mate in Two’ chess problems, then there is expert advice from David Shire, former ‘Two-Mover’ editor of The Problemist. Just select Two-movers for Solving from the menu on the left.

Once you feel you are ready to have a go, try the Weekly Chess Problems on this site. There is just about one for each week from April 2013 to the present and the current one is always on the home page. Some of these are quite challenging, so don't be too discouraged if you don't solve them all. You will improve with practice. Select the Weekly Chess Problem menu item on the left. We can also recommend the Weekly Chess Problem that appears at the wonderful OzProblems site.

If the Weekly Chess Problem isn't enough for you then you may be a candidate for the solving ladders in our magazines. Select Magazine Solving from the menu on the left for more details. If you haven’t got enough time for them, then perhaps you will be interested in the collection of Solving Challenges found by clicking on that menu item on the left. Not so much there just now, but more will be added in the future.

Perhaps armchair solving isn’t enough for you and you yearn for the tension of solving against the clock in exam conditions? International ratings and titles are available. If so, then the final four items on the menu on the left will be of interest to you. Select them from the menu on the left to learn about the Winton British Chess Solving Championship (WBCSC), the International Solving Contest (ISC), the European Chess Solving Championship (ECSC) and the World Chess Solving Championship (WCSC).

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