The Weekly Chess Problem 2013 The Weekly Chess Problem, 16th December 2013


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The Weekly Chess Problem, 16th December 2013
Written by Steve Giddins   

Ottavio Stocchi

Sah, 1950

(1st Prize, Ellerman Centenary Ty. IIB, 1994-1996)


Mate in 2

This week we return to the orthodox two–mover, with a problem the late Lu Citeroni, a great connoisseur of the genre, described as “...the finest Rukhlis extant and one of the half dozen finest two–movers ever made”. The Rukhlis theme combines changed and transferred play, of which more when we present the solution; for the present, suffice it to say that in order to appreciate the problem, you should look first at the set play.

Any comments or questions on this problem should be addressed to Steve Giddins (our Libarian and Archivist) using the 'Contact' item in the menu on the left.

The next weekly chess problem will appear in the new year.

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