The Weekly Chess Problem 2017 The Weekly Chess Problem, 20th November 2017


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The Weekly Chess Problem, 20th November 2017
Written by Michael McDowell   

Eeltje Visserman

Schach-Echo, 1971


Mate in 2
Grasshoppers, h6, d5

The grasshopper is a fairy piece which was invented by T. R. Dawson in 1913. It moves on the same lines as a queen, but must jump over a hurdle, landing on the next square, which must not be occupied by a piece of the same colour (a piece of the opposite colour will be captured). Hence in the diagram the grasshopper on h6 can move to f6 (giving check, using d6 as a hurdle) or h1, but not e3. The grasshopper on d5 currently has no moves, as Gf3 is self-check. Essentially a weak piece, in the hands of a top-class composer like Visserman the grasshopper can produce some interesting effects. (For an example problem see under What are chess problems?/Fairies)

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