The Weekly Chess Problem 2014 The Weekly Chess Problem, 8th December 2014


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The Weekly Chess Problem, 8th December 2014
Written by Brian Stephenson   

Percival G L Fothergill

2nd Prize, Sheffield Independent, 1888


Mate in 3

The problems set in the recently completed Postal Round of the 2014-2015 Winton Capital British Chess Solving Championship included a ‘mate in 3’ by Edward Winter-Wood that elicited praise from several solvers. That problem won First Prize in the 1888 tourney of the Sheffield Independent. This week’s problem is the composition that came second in that competition. It is by Percival Fothergill, a prolific composer of that time, who was known to solvers of the day by his memorable initials – PGLF – which appeared above all his published problems.

Michael McDowell mentioned recently that one way to solve ‘mate in 2’ problems is to find a key that provides mates for those black moves in the diagram position that could not be followed by immediate mate. The same technique can be applied to ‘mates in 3’, though in their case, the provision will be of mates in at most two moves rather than immediate mate only. Look for strong black moves in the diagram position – checks, king-flights, moves that give the black king a flight, captures etc – that are not provided with mating continuations, and find a key that provides for them. That is certainly a big enough hint in this case!

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