The Weekly Chess Problem 2014 The Weekly Chess Problem, 20th May 2014


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The Weekly Chess Problem, 20th May 2014
Written by Steve Giddins   

Friedrich Ziak

The Problemist, 1991


Reflexmate in 2

This week, we have a relatively rare type of problem, a reflexmate. This is a form of selfmate, in that White is trying to force a reluctant Black to mate him. However, in a reflexmate, either side MUST give mate in one, if it able to do so. Thus, White only has to give Black the possibility of mate in one, in order to solve the problem, but conversely, Black can defend by giving White the chance to mate him in one.

If you want a clue, read on: you will perhaps observe that if the wQ were not on the a-file, then by 1.0-0-0, White would immediately force Black to mate by 1...a1(Q).

Any comments or questions on this problem should be addressed to Steve Giddins (our Libarian and Archivist) using the 'Contact' item in the menu on the left.

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