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About The Problemist

The Problemist, founded in 1926, is the bi-monthly magazine of the BCPS, and includes the following regular features:

  • Original (previously unpublished) compositions. There are sections for directmates, selfmates and reflexmates, studies, helpmates, fairies, and retros, with annual solving championships in each section.
  • Synthetics. A column which lets the reader test his composing skill. A full or partial solution is given, from which the solver attempts to construct the original problem.
  • Selected Problems. Split into sections along the lines of the originals, and featuring high-class problems from other sources.
  • In the Library. An item from the BCPS library is reviewed at length.
  • Awards. Judgments of The Problemist informal tourneys (for the original problems published each year) and other composing tourneys organized by the BCPS.
  • Book reviews.
  • Reports on BCPS lectures, and on BCPS and overseas meetings.

The Problemist Supplement, begun in 1992, is aimed at newcomers to chess problems. The originals section contains a mixture of all types, chosen to provide easier solving (normally, though there are exceptions!) than the main magazine.

In this section we present a sample issue of The Problemist, a growing archive of The Problemist Supplement, reviews of all issues since 2002, an index of volumes 1 to 6 and an errata. Use the 'The Problemist' menu on the left to navigate.

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