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Challenge Problem - 1
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Edith Baird

2nd Prize, Leeds Mercury Weekly Supplement Ty. 1895


Mate in 3

This problem was successful in a composing tourney for problems in which the black king was centrally placed, with the white pieces as far away as possible. Edith Baird (1859-1924), was the most famous female composer of chess problems at the start of the twentieth century. However her problems, following the custom of the time, were published under the name "Mrs W. J. Baird", using her husband's initials. Her brothers, Edward and Carslake Winter-Wood and her daughter Lilian Baird were also competent composers.

1...Kd4 2.Qf6+ Kc5 3.Nd3#
Ke3 3.Nc4#
1...Ke6 2.Nd3 Kd7 3.Nc5#

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