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Chosen by Roddy McKay

R Vieira

The Problemist, 1999


Helpmate in 3 (b) as diagram, but without wPh2 and with wP on h4

(a) 1.Bd5 Sf7 2.Sce5 Kxd5 3.Rf3 Sg2# (b) 1.Sd4 Sf1 2.Re3 Kxd4 3.Bf3 Sg6#

Reason for choice: I like helpmates with their clear-cut play free from duals and solutions in less than the required number of moves. I particularly like to see strategies which would never occur in a normal game of chess. In the problem by Vieira, Black starts by unpinning a White Knight in both settings, the White King could capture the Black unit which has allowed the unpin, but waits until the unpinned Knight has moved and been replaced by a Black unit. Difficult to solve, one can only marvel at the time and effort required to compose such a problem.

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