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Chosen by Miodrag Mladenovic (USA)
Sample Problems - Favourite problems

Milan Vukcevich

1st Prize, The Problemist, 1981


Mate in 3

1.Bb6! (2.Qg6 & 3.e4/Se4#) 1...Rf5 2.Qf4! Rxf4+/R5~+ 3.e4/Be4# 1...Sf5 2.Qh4! Sxh4+/Sd4+ 3.e4/Rg6# 1...e5 2.Qf5 1...Qf5 2.Qxf5 1...Qg6 2.Qxg6 1...Rxf3 2.Rxf3+ Kxg2 3.Rf5#

Reason for choice: This is an amazing problem. It has a perfect threat and two wonderful variations. In both variations black unpins the white queen. The unpinned queen plays sacrificial moves and after that there are battery cross-checks. (Misha).

The judge for the award wrote: "A brilliant and outstanding masterpiece that speaks for itself. Highlights worth pointing out again are the fine quiet threat 2.Qg6, the elegant continuations 1...Rf5/Sf5 2.Qf4/Qh4 (and not the other way round!) and the interesting byplay 1...Pe5 2.Qf5!" (Michael Keller)

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