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  • Favourite problems   ( 10 Articles )

    BCPS Members are invited to let Michael McDowell know their choice of a favourite problem (not of their own composition) published, as an original, in the Society's magazine The Problemist. Send details, with comment on the reason for the choice, to Michael using the 'Contact' menu item on the left.

    Make your choice now. First come first served. If someone else has already made the same choice you will have to choose again — there are plenty of fine problems to choose from among the thousands that have appeared since the first issue in 1926. It is evident from the choices so far that members' ideas of what makes a problem memorable vary enormously. The most recent choice heads the list.

  • Challenge Problems   ( 7 Articles )

    These direct-mate problems are chosen as a challenge to chess players who may be new to the world of composition. You should try to solve each problem before looking at its concealed solution. It may be helpful to look at the commentary or hints before revealing the solution.

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