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The Problemist, March, 2013
Written by Michael McDowell   

The March issue contained reports on two solving events, the ISC and the Winton Capital British Chess Solving Final, won for the second year running by Colin McNab. Awards included fairies for 2009 (judges Thomas Brand, Hans Gruber and Ulrich Ring), selfmates and reflexmates for 2011 (judge Diyan Kostadinov) and the Norman Macleod Award for 2010-11. Michael McDowell presented a selection from Eric Zepler’s years in charge of the Selected More-movers column and Browsing in the library covered the 1983 collection of problems by Dr. Meindert Neimeijer, Honderd en één nacht. In the Supplement Paul Valois discussed selfmates in two with reciprocal change, and Geoff Foster showed a number of Shinkman two-move miniatures. David Shire’s problem alphabet reached W for White Correction, and David was himself the subject of Chris Feather’s latest article on British helpmate composers.

Ado Kraemer

Deutsche Schachzeitung, 1955


Mate in 6

White’s knight is, paradoxically, a hindrance, preventing a mate in two by 1.b8Q, so White spends four moves eliminating it.

1.b8Q? exf1Q!

1.d8S (>2.Sf7) Sd6
2.Sf7+ Sxf7
3.Se3 (>4.Sf5) Sd6
4.Sf5+ Sxf5
5.b8Q (>6.Qf4) Sd6

Gérard Doukhan

2nd Prize, Europe Echecs, 1976


Mate in 2

A vacation of e6 will threaten mate by the rook, and no less than 8 tries by the bishop fail to self-obstruction. An impressive piece of construction.

1.Ba2? Ba1! (2.Qxa1?)
1.Bb3? Bc3! (2.Qxc3?)
1.Bc4? Qh3! (2.Sc4?)
1.Bd5? Bxc5! (2.Qxc5?)
1.Bd7? Sxc6! (2.Sd7?)
1.Bf7? Rg6! (2.Sf7?)
1.Bf5? e6! (2.Bf6?)
1.Bg4? Bb3! (2.Sg4?)

1.Bh3! (>2.Re6) and the mates obstructed in the try play now work.

Waldemar Tura

1st Prize, Wola Gulowska, 2009


Selfmate in 2

A knight move will threaten 2.Be5+ fxe5.

Try 1.Sb6? (>2.Be5+ fxe5)
1...Bxf3 2.Qd5+ Bxd5
1...Rb2 2.Qc6+ Kxc6
1...Sc5! giving the king a flight at c6.

Key 1.Sb8! (>2.Be5+ fxe5)
1...Bxf3 2.Qc6+ Bxc6
1...Rb2 2.Qd5+ Kxd5

A very clear example of reciprocal change.

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