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The Problemist, May 2012
Written by Michael McDowell   

The May issue featured a full report on the BCPS weekend at Bournemouth and a brief report on the Dutch Problem Society’s meeting at Nunspeet. Michael McDowell presented problems which featured in the Selected Three-Movers column during Robin Matthews’ tenure, and Peter Harris introduced readers to the fairy condition “Ultra Maximummer”. There were reviews of the latest Czech Album, the new collection of Israeli compositions, and the latest issue of Mat Plus. The Brian Harley award for two-movers published in 2009-10 was detailed, and Browsing in the library covered a 1956 collection of prizewinners by Arnoldo Ellerman. Articles in the Supplement included “A real puzzler” (an examination of a #121 by Reichelm from 1882) and “Self-block by sacrifice” by Geoff Foster, “Logical Solving” by Michael McDowell, “R is for Reciprocal Change” by David Shire, “Some more hints for the young composer” by Bernd Gräfrath, and “British Helpmate Composers: Don Smedley” by Chris Feather.

Barry Barnes

Sunday Times, 1964


Mate in 2

Set 1...Ke4 2.Rxd5
1...Kxf5 2.Rxe3

1.Qb6 (>2.Qe6)

1...Ke4 2.Rxe3
1...Kxf5 2.Rxd5

A lucid example of reciprocally changed mates.

Viktor Kapusta

1st Prize, Phénix, 1994


Mate in 3

1.Kg3 (>2.Sxe3+ Ke6 3.Bd5)

1...Qxf7 2.Qe4+ Kxe4 3.Sh4; 2...Ke6 3.exd6
1...Sc3 2.Qc4+ Kxc4 3.Sxe3; 2...Kc6 3.cxd6
1...Ke6 2.Qxd7+ Kxd7 3.c8Q; 2...Kxf7 3.Bxd6; 2...Kd5 3.Sxe3
1...Sxc7 or Sf6 2.Rf6 >3.Sg~ or Rxd6

In three variations the black king can either capture the queen or walk into a mate from a newly-formed battery, all of the firing pieces moving to d6. After 1...Ke6 the sacrificed queen is replaced by a new queen, appropriately showing the phoenix theme!

Edward Boswell

Comm., Springaren, 1956


Selfmate in 2

1.Sh5 ()

1...Sf4 2.Qg4 fxg4
1...Sxc1 2.Re4+ fxe4
1...f4 2.Kxe2 f3

A selfmate by a former BCPS President which was enjoyed by the competitors in the solving tourney at Bournemouth.

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