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The Problemist, July, 2011
Written by Michael McDowell   

Articles in the July issue included “Misadventures in composition” in which Michael Lipton traced the steps in his reworking of a Mansfield matrix, “Robin Matthews and the idea of theme”, the text of a talk given by Bob Burger at Harrogate, and “Reinstatement” featuring an entertaining retro by Joaquim Crusats and Andrey Frolkin. Awards covered three-movers for 2008 (judge: Harri Hurme) and Helpmates in 2½ and 3 (judge: Ofer Comay). Browsing in the library examined “When the pieces move!” the 1978 exposition of Vaux Wilson's MOE system. In the Supplement Chris Feather's series on British helpmate composers covered C. E. Kemp, David Shire's problem alphabet reached M for Mari, and Geoff Foster explained how to use the Popeye solving program.

Henry D'Oyly Bernard

Western Daily Mercury, 1903


Mate in 2

Set 1…Kf5 2.e4

1.Ra1 (-)

1...Kf5 2.Qb1
1...d5 2.Bd3
1...e any 2.Sxd6

A mutate with one striking change following a pure Bristol line clearance.

Friedrich Chlubna

1st HM., Probleemblad, 1971


Mate in 3

1.Qc5 (>2.Sg6+ Bxg6 3.Qe5)

1...Qxc5 2.Se2+ dxe2 3.Bg3
1...Rxd1 2.Bg5+ Sxg5 3.Rh4
1...Re8 2.Rf5+ Bxf5 3.Sh5

A beautiful problem in which each defence removes a potential guard of a mating square, allowing the pieces at g3, h4 and h5 to perform a cycle of sacrifices followed by mating moves on the vacated square. In addition the other three white pieces are each captured during the solution.

Robin Matthews & Bob Burger

1st Prize, Chess Life, 1987


Mate in 5

1.Kb2 (>2.Sc3+ Kf4 3.Rd4) Rh5
2.Rxb3 (>3.Rd4+ exd4 3.Sxg3) Bh4
3.Rdd3 (>4.Rxe3) Qg5
4.Kc2 Qg6

4...Qf4 5.Sc3

A series of White threats forces the black rook and bishop to the board edge where they are incarcerated by the queen. The concluding zugzwang is not apparent in the diagram!

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