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The Problemist, May, 2011
Written by Michael McDowell   

The May issue contained reports on various solving meetings, the 2011 European Solving Championship, the BCPS weekend in Harrogate and the NBvS weekend at Nunspeet. Articles included Jim Grevatt on the Siers theme in three-movers, Nils Adrian Bakke on reflexmates with models, and Cedric Lytton on “Eightsome wheels”. Chris Feather marked what would have been the 80th birthday of Josef Krikheli by presenting some of his help-play problems, while John Rice examined maximummers and Krikheli more-movers. Browsing in the library covered the 1959 Dutch collection of problems by Lev Loshinski and Jan Hartong. The Supplement featured a selection by Michael McDowell of problems from the first ten years of the Selected Two-Movers column, and an article by Colin Russ entitled “Somewhere in the night”. Uri Avner gave his judgment on the helpmates from 2008.

Vaux Wilson

2nd Prize, American Chess Bulletin, 1955


Mate in 2

Try 1.Rg3? (>2.Sxf2)

1...Kxc2+ 2.Se1
1...Ke2+ 2.Sc1
1...Sxd3 2.Qxd3


Key 1.Rg2! (>2.Sxf2)

1...Kxc2+ 2.Sc1
1...Ke2+ 2.Sde1
1...Sxd3 2.Qxd3
1...Se4 2.Se3

An original example of reciprocally changed mates from an economical setting.

Josif Krikheli

3rd Prize, Schach-Echo, 1975


Helpmate in 2: 3 solutions

1.Sc7 Sg4+ 2.Rxg4 Kd6
1.Sf6 Sxf3 2.Bxf3 Kxb5
1.Sc3 Shf1+ 2.Rxf1 Kxb4

In Chris Feather’s opinion one of the finest of all two-move helpmates, showing tempo sacrifices with cyclic dual avoidance. A total of nine thematic lines are employed.

Jeremy Morse

Evening News, 1957


Selfmate in 4

1…g1Q, R+
2.Sf1+ exf1S 3.Qc5+ Bd4 4.Qc1+ Sd2
2…exf1B 3.Qa3+ Bc3+ 4.Qxc3+ Bd3
1…g1B 2.Qe8 Bxh2 3.Qg8 any 4.Qg3+ Bxg3
1…g1S 2.Qa3+ Bc3 3.Shf3 h4 4.Qb3 Sxf3

A selfmate which was greatly enjoyed by the competitors in the solving tourney at Harrogate.

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