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The Problemist, September, 2010
Written by Michael McDowell   

The September issue featured awards by John Nunn (Studies 2008-09) and Vlaicu Crisan (Fairies 2007 parts 1 and 2). Sir Brian Young remembered Robin Matthews, Paul Valois reported on the problem meeting at Marianka, and Michael McDowell revisited the problems of E. E. Westbury. John Rice detailed some recent British tourney successes, while Browsing in the Library covered the BCPS Review of 1962. In the Supplement John Rice showed a selection of three-movers by the late Andrey Lobusov (whose obituary appeared in the main magazine), Michael McDowell presented some grasshopper problems accompanied by a letter from T. R. Dawson, Geoff Foster examined the development of a cross-check matrix, and David Shire's series of theme articles reached I for interference.

G. F. Anderson

1st Prize, The Observer, 1961


Mate in 2

1.Qb6 (>2.Se4)
1...Sf random + 2.Se4 (Set 2.Sd3)
1...Sxd6+ 2.Sd3
1...Sd4+ 2.Rf5
1...exd6+ 2.Sd7
1...exf6+ 2.Sb7
1...Kxd6 2.Rd4
1...Kxf6 2.Qb2

One of Gerald Anderson’s finest two-movers, combining 5 cross-checks with 2 flights.

Peter Copping

1st Prize, The Observer, 1958


Mate in 3

1.Sa3 (>2.Sc2 > 3.Sc1, Sd4)
1...f5 2.Bxd6 and 3.Sc1
1...Rf6 2.Bd5 and 3.Bxc4
1...f6 2.Rc2 and 3.Rc3
1...Rf5 2.Bxe4 and 3.Bc2

Mutual obstructions between the pawn and rook, plus two anticipatory interferences on the bishops.

Charles E. Kemp

Eskilstuna Kuriren, 24th October 1925


Mate in 2

Set play:
1...c5 2.Sb5
1...G any 2.Be7
1...Sg any 2.fxe5

1.Sb3 (-)
1...c5 2.Ga3
1...G any 2.Bc7
1...Sg any 2.Gf6
1...Se any 2.Sxc4
1...Bb7 2.Sxb7

An ingenious grasshopper mutate. The elements which make the three changes operate are worth close examination.

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