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The Problemist, January 2006
Written by Michael McDowell   

The 80th anniversary of the foundation of The Problemist was marked by a review of the first issue from January 1926. Michael McDowell presented a selection of the work of E. E. Westbury, and John Rice paid tribute to the late Croatian GM Hrvoje Bartolovic. Other articles introduced the fairy form K├Âlner Kontaktschach and the fairy piece the Equihopper. In the Supplement John Rice selected problems from a new collection of the work of Italian composer Antonio Bottacchi.

The informal awards for twomovers 2002 and moremovers 2003 were published.

Walter Wood

The Problemist, January, 1926


Mate in 5

1.Ba5 axb5
2.Ba6 b4
3.Bxd3 b3
4.Bxd2 Bxd2

An attractive single-liner by a neglected British composer whose work deserves to be better known.

Eric Westbury

3rd Prize, Brisbane Courier, 4th half-yearly Ty., 1917-1918


Mate in 2

1.Sd3 (threat 2.Sc5)
1...Bd4 2.Qf5
1...Be4 2.Qe5
1...Bxd3 2.Rxf6
1...Rxf4+ 2.Sxf4
1...cxd6 2.Rxd6
1...Rxh1 2.Qc4

An excellent thematic key pins the queen, which is then unpinned by the bishops to deliver half-pin mates.
Westbury had the ability to present complex themes with great artistry.

Antonio Bottacchi

1st HM., 8th American Chess Congress, Good Companions, July, 1921


Mate in 2

1.Rg4 (threat 2.Rg8)
1...Qb2+ 2.Sd2
1...Qh2+ 2.Sf2
1...Qg3 2.Sxg3
1...Qg5, Qh5 2.S(x)g5
1...Qxf6 2.Sxf6
1...Qxd6 2.Sxd6
1...Qc5 2.Sxc5
1...Qc3 2.Sxc3
1...Qxe4+ 2.Bxe4

A classic two-mover, featuring a complete tour by the unpinned knight.

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