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The Problemist, September 2005
Written by Michael McDowell   

In the September issue Jeremy Morse presented the eighth update of his book Chess Problems: Tasks and Records, while Russian composer Andrei Spirin detailed his researches into strategic combinations with promoted pieces. John Rice continued his review of recent British awardwinners and reported on this year’s meeting at Messigny. The informal awards for Retros 2003-2004 and Twomovers 2003 were published. The Supplement included a selection of problems by Petko Petkov, and an explanatory article by David Shire on the popular fairy piece the Nightrider.

Yakov Rossomakho

3rd Place, Baltic Sea Ty., 1991-1993


Mate in 2

A notable task, showing 4 defences on d3 met by mates on f5.

1.Qf3 (>2.Qe4)
1...Kxd3 2.Bf5
1...Rxd3 2.Kf5
1...Sxd3 2.Sf5
1...cxd3 2.f5
1...Bd5 2.Qxd5

Petko Petkov

1st Prize=, Shakhmatna misl, 1979


Mate in 5

A clear-cut example of Petkov’s composing skill. In three variations the front piece of a battery captures on the second move to free a square from which the other front piece will deliver the mating check three moves later.

1.Rf7 (>2.Sxc7+ Kf4 3.Se6+ Kf5 4.Se8+ Ke4 5.Sd6
1...Qb8 2.Sxd4+ Kf4 3.Se6+ Kf5 4.Sxd5+ Ke4 5.Sc3
1...Bg4 2.Sxh7+ Ke4 3.Sf6+ Kf5 4.Sf8+ Kf4 5.Sxg6

Mike Bent

Sp. Prize, diagrammes, 2002-2003


White to play and draw

A simple but elegant idea typical of the late Mike Bent. It was awarded a Special Prize by judge Jonathan Mestel to mark Mike’s lifetime achievement as Britain’s most prolific study composer.

1.Bd1+ Kb5 2.Ba4+ Kxa4
and now the line is cleared for the white queen
3.Qd1+ Kb5 4.Qh5+ Qxh5 stalemate.

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