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The Problemist, September 2003
Written by Michael McDowell   

The September issue contained a full report on the 46th World Congress of Chess Composition at Moscow, detailing the results of the World Solving Championship and various composing tourneys. An article by Nils Adrian Bakke examined the AUW theme in maximummer selfmates. John Rice presented some recent Russian prizewinners, while an assortment of book reviews included John's personal collection Chess Problem Spectrum. John Beasley's “In the Library” article looked back at the work of a past BCPS President, Brian Harley.

T. R. Dawson

1st Prize, The Gambit, 1928


Selfmate in 3: Maximummer

The first example of the Babson task in a maximummer (Black must play the longest move available), composed by the inventor of the form.


1...fxe1Q 2.b8Q Qa1 3.Qe5+ Qxe5
1...fxe1R 2.b8R Ra1 3.Rb1 gxh5
1...fxe1B 2.b8B Bxg3 3.Bxg3 gxh5
1...fxe1S 2.b8S Sxg2 3.Rxg2 gxh5.

John Rice

2nd Place, GB v Hungary, 1993-1995


Serieshelpmate in 7

Over thirty years ago John wrote a definitive work on the serieshelpmate. Here is an example of his skill in that genre.

White would like to play Sxd6 mate, but how can the knight be unpinned?

1.O-O 2.Rxd8 3.Kf7 4.Rh8 5.Qg8 6.Rf8 7.Ke8 Sxd6.

Brian Harley

Chess Amateur, 1922


Mate in 2

The variations 1…exf2+ 2.Bxf2 and 1…exd2+ 2.Kxd2 are set.

The key 1.Kd1 gives one change: 1…exf2 2.Kc2.

Not 1.O-O-O+ Kxf2 2.Rf1? as the white king had to vacate e1 in order to let his counterpart pass behind the unmoved pawns.

The pioneer example of a standard idea.

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