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The Problemist, July 2014
Written by Michael McDowell   

The July issue began with an obituary of our late Treasurer and Past President Paul Valois. Articles included Solve the first part first? by Andrey Frolkin, Sergei Tkachenko and Chris Tylor, Our duty to our forerunners (Some aspects of reconstructing), by Michael Lipton, and a report on the 10th European Chess Solving Championship, by Michael McDowell. Also published was the Longer Helpmates award for 2012 (judge Eckart Kummer). Browsing in the library covered the 1986 collection of the work of Eeltje Visserman. In the Supplement Barry Barnes continued his presentation of Master Composers’ Own Favourites, and David Shire completed his review of A.F. Mackenzie’s two-movers.

Arthur Ford Mackenzie

2nd HM., Otago Witness, 1900


Mate in 2

1.Kh1 ()

1...Bf6 2.Qg2
1...Be5 2.Be6
1...Bd4 2.e4
1...gB else 2.Sc3
1...Ba8 2.Qxa8
1...bB else 2.Bc6
1...Sg6 2.Qxf7
1...c4 2.b6

Only 1...Bf6 lacks a set mate, and a Gamage unpin following vacation of g2 is indicated. There are matching tries 1.Kh3? Bc8! and 1.Kg1? Bd4! each of which fails by allowing a pin of the potential mating piece.


Eeltje Visserman

The Problemist, 1960 (version by Brian Stephenson)


Mate in 3

1.Rb3 (>2.Ra4+ Kc5 3.Rc4)

1...Qxe4 2.Qh4 > 3.Sf3
1...Rxe4 2.Qg4 > 3.h8Q; 2...Qf3, Qh2 3.Sf3
1...Bxe4 2.Qf4 > 3.Rd3; 2...Sc3 3.Rb4; 2...Sb2, Sf2 3.Qxe3

Carefully differentiated pinning continuations after the captures on e4. The original setting had a dual continuation in one line, which Brian’s version eliminates.


Erich Zepler

3rd Prize, Palitzsch MT, 1932-1933


Mate in 4

Black threatens check on b4 with stalemate if the rook captures.

The try 1.Qd6?, unguarding c2, is refuted by 1...Se1! 2.Rd7 Sd3 3.Qxd3 stalemate, therefore White must double on the d-file with the weaker piece in front.

1.Qd8! Se1
2.Rd7 Sd3
3.Rxd3 Kc2

A classic miniature.

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