Errata 2017_02 March Problemist


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2017_02 March Problemist
Written by Brian Stephenson   

In Jonathan Mestel's article on p.46 there are a couple of moves missing in the solution to No.10 (Rusinek):

After 5.a8=B! the continuation should read as follows: And now 5...Sd5 is stalemate, so 5...Se5 6.Kb8 Sc6+ 7.Kc8 Bf1 and again White can’t play 8.b8=Q because of 8...Ba6+ 9.Qb7 Se4 10.Qxa6 Sd6#. 8.b8=S loses on material after 8...Se7+ 9.Kb7 Bg2+ 10.Ka7 (10.Sc6 Bxc6+ 11.Ka7 Bd7) 10.Sc8+ 11.Ka6 Bxa8. This just leaves 8.b8=R!! Ba6+ 9.Rb7 and Black runs out of ideas.

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