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BCPS Officers and other volunteer workers
Name Position
John Rice President, Sub-editor for #2s and originals editor of The Problemist Supplement. Novice composers should contact John.
Ian Watson Vice-President
Michael McDowell Vice-President and Website Editor
Christopher Jones Secretary and Helpmates sub-editor
Steve Giddins Treasurer, Booksales contact and Librarian/Archivist
David Friedgood General Editor of The Problemist
Jim Grevatt Membership Secretary and sub-editor for #3 (mate in 3) and #>3 (moremover)
Yochanan Afek Endgame studies sub-editor
Stephen Taylor Selfmate and reflexmate sub-editor
Stephen Emmerson Fairies (unorthodox chess) sub-editor
Mark Thornton Retros sub-editor
Zoran Gavrilovski Synthetics sub-editor
Geoff Foster Editor of The Problemist Supplement
Brian Stephenson Solving Coordinator/Magazine Curator/Webmaster
Roddy McKay Webmaster
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