Chess Composers C. J. A. Jones Problems


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Written by Michael McDowell   

The notes to the following problems are by Christopher Jones.


1st Comm., The Problemist, 1989


Helpmate in 7½: 2 solutions

It was fortunate for the composer that placing the black bishop on f3 (which needs to be captured) precisely forces both sequences of moves!


2nd HM., The Problemist, 1992


Helpmate in 3: 2 solutions

Matching strategy involving Zilahi (captures of bishop / rook while rook / bishop mate) and Grimshaw (mutual interferences of the rook and bishop at e4).


British Chess Magazine, 1997


Helpmate in 3: 2 solutions

Another Zilahi with matching strategy in the two solutions.


Prize, Suomen Tehtäväniekat, 1998


Helpmate in 3: (b) bQf5->c7

Interchange of function between white rook and bishop (pinning / mating) and between white rook and the black rook at b4 (Bristol manoeuvres).


(after F. Kovacs) 1st Prize, Orbit, 1999


Helpmate in 4: 2 solutions

Alternating roles of the knights plus two pairs of dual avoidances by Black.


Die Schwalbe, 2000


Helmpate in 3: 2 solutions

White’s first move is motivated purely by the need to give Black something to play on move 3.


2nd Prize, The Problemist, 2000


Helpmate in 3: 2 solutions

This one was used in the World Solving Championship of 2000 and found very difficult! Again, interchange of function between White and Black as first the bishop then the rook go beyond d2.


2nd Prize, Orbit, 2001/II


Helpmate in 3 (b) wPe3->f2

Reciprocally changed functions of the queen and b4 rook, and b3 rook and c7 bishop.


Sachova Skladba, 2003


Helpmate in 3 (b) d3 = black pawn

No classic, but I have a soft spot for this quirky one. “Follow-my-leader” effects at b7, and different routes of the rook to b4. Difficult to solve, I should think!


Schach-Aktiv, 2003


Helpmate in 3 (b) remove bPe5

Reciprocally changed roles for the white pawns, and for the rook and knight, which open lines for the queen and bishop.

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