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The Final Results
Written by Brian Stephenson   

Click to see Results Table.

The second row of the above table lists the problems in the six rounds and the third row gives the maximum points available for each problem and the maximum time allowed for each round in a column headed ‘Time’. Each row gives the points scored by each competitor for each problem and also the time taken for each round. The placement of competitors is calculated by points scored, with ties being resolved by time taken.

Except for ex-champions John Nunn, David Friedgood, Jonathan Mestel and Michael McDowell, finalists not in italics have qualified for the Closed championship through the tough postal round. The Open section was made up of solvers (indicated by italics) who hadn't qualified for the final or who were foreign visitors.

Prizes awarded were as follows:-

  • 1st Prize – Piotr Murdzia (POL)
  • 2nd Prize – Eddy van Beers (BEL)
  • 3rd Prize and a guaranteed place in the 2012 British Solving Team for the World Championship in Japan – Colin McNab
  • 4th Prize – Jonathan Mestel
  • 5th Prize – John Nunn
  • 6th Prize – Marcel van Herck (BEL)
  • 7th Prize – Dolf Wissmann (NED)
  • Rating Prize (< 2300) – Roddy McKay
  • Prize for highest placed non-seeded competitor – David Hodge
  • Prize for second highest placed non-seeded competitor - Nicholas Argyris
  • Prize for highest placed first-time finalist – Alan Singleton
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