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The Postal Round Problems and Solutions
Written by Brian Stephenson   

In these solutions, those moves that were required are given in bold type. All else is given for the sake of completeness and for the interest of solvers. Threats are given in parentheses. All problems carry 5 points, distributed as indicated with the solutions.

1. E. J. Polglase

The Field, 1913


Mate in 2

2. Robin C. O. Matthews

The Problemist, 1949


Mate in 3

3. Cecil A. L. Bull

British Chess Magazine, 1890


Mate in 3

4. Fedor Davidenko

1st Prize, 64, 2003


Mate in 4

5. Nikolai Karlin & Oleg Pervakov

4th Prize, Russian Federation Victory-50 JT, 1995 (v)


Black to play, White to win

6. Andrey Selivanov & Vladimir Zheltonozhko

1/3 Place, Match: Zapad - Vostok, 2000


Selfmate in 3

7. Ivan Soroka

2nd HM., Borodavkin-40 JT, 2010


Selfmate in 7

8. Steven Dowd & Mirko Degenkolbe

Schach, 2009


Helpmate in 7; 2 solutions


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