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The Starter Problem
Written by Brian Stephenson   

In this solution, the move that was required is given in bold type. All else is given for the sake of completeness and for the interest of solvers. Threats are given in parentheses. The symbol 'S' stands for knight.

John Rice


Mate in 2

1.Rf5!    (2.Qb5#)
1...Qxf5+ 2.Qxf5#
1...Qxf7  2.Rf3#

Many incorrect alternatives were suggested by solvers. The tempting 1.Re5? fails because of 1...Qf3! (2.Qb5+ Kxd4!) and 1.Rc5? is defeated by 1...Qd5! 1.Rxh5? is stalemate. Attempts to unpin WRb5 for mate at b3 fail as follows: 1.d5? Qe5! 1.Be5? Qxf7! 1.Ka4? Qd5! 1.Qd5? Qxd5+!

1.Qh3?, 1.Qg4? and 1.Qe6? all lose control of b5 and are defeated by 1...Qxb5+! 1.Qe8? threatening mate on the e-file is answered by 1...Qe5! and if 1.f8Q? Qd5! preventing immediate mate on a3. Checking moves also fail: 1.Bxe2+? Kxe2! 1.Sf2+? Ke3! 1.Ra3+? Kxd2! 1.Qf5+? Qxf5! Finally, 1.Qd4? and 1.g2? are impossible moves and 1.Kb4? is defeated by 1...Qd5!

There were 257 entries this year, of which 72 were incorrect.

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