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The Postal Round Problems and Solutions
Written by Brian Stephenson   

In these solutions, those moves that were required are given in bold type. All else is given for the sake of completeness and for the interest of solvers. Threats are given in parentheses. All problems carry 5 points, distributed as indicated with the solutions.

1. Derk H Brummelman

2nd Prize, Tijdschrift vd KNSB, 1958


Mate in 2

2. Valery Shavirin

2nd Prize, Freie Presse, 2002


Mate in 3

3. Miroslav Havel

Slovensky narod, 1926


Mate in 3

4. Fedor Davidenko

1/2 Prize, 64, 2001


Mate in 4

5. Jean-Claude Letzelter

Échecs Artistiques et Humoristiques, 1990


White to play and win

6. Yuri Gorbatenko

3rd Prize, Bron MT, 1999


Selfmate in 3

7. Pavlos Moutecidis & Saturnin Limbach

1st HM., Gazeta Czestochowska, 1985


Selfmate in 7

8. A Sachse

4th HM., Schach, 2002-2003 (version)


Helpmate in 7; 2 solutions


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