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The Junior Postal Round Problems and Solutions
Written by Brian Stephenson   

In these solutions, those moves that were required are given in bold type. All else is given for the sake of completeness and for the interest of solvers. Threats are given in parentheses. All problems carry 5 points.

1. Thomas Taverner

Manchester Weekly Times, 1919


Mate in 2

2. Marjan Kovacevic

2nd Prize, Phenix, 1992


Mate in 2

3. Cyril S Kipping

Manchester Weekly Times, 1922


Mate in 3

4. Laszlo Barna

1st Comm., Tipografia TT, 1968


Helpmate in 2: 2 solutions

5. B Sidorov

Razumenko-70 JT


White to play and win

6. Sergey I Tkachenko

3rd Comm., Rossi-80 JT, 2005


White to play and win

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