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The Postal Round Problems and Solutions
Written by Brian Stephenson   

Note: In these solutions, those moves that were required are given in bold type. All else is given for the sake of completeness and for the interest of solvers. The symbol 'S' is used for knight and threats are given in parentheses.

1. Udo Degener

2nd Prize, Schach-Aktiv, 1985


Mate in 2

2. Jozsef Szoghy

British Chess Magazine, 1934


Mate in 2

3. Alex Goldstein

The Problemist, 1980


Mate in 3

4. Roland Lecomte

1st HM., SVTVS, 1954


Mate in 6

5. Josef Hasek

28 Rijen, 1924


White to play and win

6. William A Shinkman

British Chess Magazine, 1896


Selfmate in 2

7. Frank Richter

Prize, Harmonie, 1992-1994


Selfmate in 4

8. Dieter Muller

1st Place, Match: Bavaria - Saxony, 1995-1998


Helpmate in 4; 2 solutions

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