Archive 2000-2001 The Final Problems and Solutions
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The Final Problems and Solutions
Written by Brian Stephenson   

Note: In these solutions, those moves that were required are given in bold type. All else is given for the sake of completeness and for the interest of solvers. The symbol 'S' is used for knight and threats are given in parentheses.

1.1 Miroslav Havel

Narodni listy, 1900 (v. by BDS)


Mate in 2

1.2 Baruch Lender

Palestine Post, 1949 (v. by BDS)


Mate in 2

1.3 Ottavio Stocchi

La Settimana Enigmistica, 1932


Mate in 2

2.1 Vaclav Cisar

1st Prize, Armeeblatt, 1905


Mate in 3

        [2.Qc2         (3.Sc7,Sxf4#)
                 Rxd5   3.Qe4#]

1...Rxd5 2.Bxd5+ Kf5,
                 Ke5    3.Qe4#
1...Rxh3 2.Sxf4+ Kf5+   3.Be6#
1...Bg7  2.Qa8         (3.Qc8#)
                 Rxd5   3.Qxd5#
                 R else 3.Sc7,Sxf4#
                 Kf5+   3.Sde7#
1...Kf5+ 2.Sde7+ Bxe7   3.Qc2#
                 Ke4    3.Be2#
1...Rg6  2.Qc2         (3.Sc7,Sxf4#)
                 Rxd5   3.Qe4#
                 Rxg8   3.fxg8=Q#

2.2 Avenir Popandopulo

2nd Prize, RSFSR, 1963 (v. by BDS)


Mate in 6

3.1 V Kolpakov

1st HM., Buletin Problemistic, 1996-1997


White to play and win

4.1 Vladimir Rychkov

4/5 Place, 14th. USSR Championship, 1992


Selfmate in 2

4.2 Franz Felber

Schach, 2000


Selfmate in 4

5.1 Valery Semenenko

Sp. Prize, Shakhmatnaya Poeziya, 1999


Helpmate in 2; (b) bKe7 -> e2

5.2 M Henrych

Sachove skladba, 1991


Helpmate in 4: 2 solutions


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